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What Is Liposuction? Types Of Liposuction

Liposuction or liposculpture is a cosmetic procedure which, using the suction technique, removes the excess fat from specific areas of the body. Thus, both women and men can enhance the appearance of their bodies without major scarring.

Liposuction shliposuctiould not be perceived as a weight loss alternative, but as a method to eliminate stubborn fat which doesn’t seem to disappear through exercising or diets. During liposuction, only the superficial layers of fat are removed, not the deeper ones, and although this procedure is su
itable for both sexes, women are the ones who undergo liposculpture more often as they tend to develop excess fat on more areas of the body as compared to men who usually require just an abdominal liposuction.

It should be kept in mind that liposuction is not synonymous with a tummy tuck; as mentioned above, liposuction helps patients get rid of the superficial fat whereas a tummy tuck targets more profound areas of fat and also removes the excess skin which is often a post effect of pregnancy.

There are different kinds of liposuction procedures available today, however, all have one common aim: to remove the extra fat from particular areas of the body. Here are a few types of liposuction operations:

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